What Are The Best Paying Jobs In The World?

When anyone is asked about their thoughts on what may be the highest paying jobs in the world, interestingly, most of us seem to incline towards bankers and actors as the richest people on earth. On the contrary however, recent studies have shown that the highest paying jobs in the world are concentrated towards the medical department.

Regardless of how much the media goes on about the success of athletes and celebrities, God knows that to take a six figure salary home, they have to be quite exceptional at what they do. But if not celebrities, what may be the best paying jobs in the world? Let’s take a look at the recent listings:

Natural science managers:

Natural Sciences Manager - High Paid JobAverage Salary: $97,000 per year

Natural science managers supervise the other scientists, such as biologists, geologists and chemists in their research and lab work. Natural science managers are employed as advisories and consultant of organizations on the issues of environment. Natural science managers from the pharmaceutical industry are the highest paid. For one to become a natural science manager, it is necessary to have a bachelor’s degree and at least 6 years of training.

Marketing Manager:

Marketing Manager JobAverage Salary: $100,000 per year

A marketing manager coordinates the marketing strategies and assesses the potential income of an organization. With salary so high, the marketing managers across the globe have the critical responsibility of maintaining, promoting, developing and managing public relations and enhancing the brand development. A marketing manager needs a bachelor’s degree as well as a master’s degree to be eligible for the job. Furthermore, to be hired at such a good salary one needs to have 5-6 years of experience or training in the marketing field. The goal is to develop perfect judgment and understanding towards the marketing requirements of different industries. Marketing managers are tested for their communication skills and confidence during the hiring process.

Information Systems Manager:

Average Salary: $100,000 per year

In the world of technology, most information system managers or IT system programmers begin their career as data analysts. After attaining the required conceptual knowledge, their position starts to grow as a system and information manager. A good system and information manager determines the strategies required to identify the system plan required by an organization. A good IT professional, in the world so advanced today, can earn a great amount of money. Continue reading “What Are The Best Paying Jobs In The World?”

Top 10 Best Jobs In The World

It is rare to find people who love their job. We have all been through the feeling of watching someone absolutely adore their job while wondering if we could ever love ours half as much. The motivation to get ready for work every day is powered by how strongly one feels about their job. Today, we have shortlisted the 10 best professions in the world, that are in fact dear to those involved in it.

1. Chocolate consultant

chocolate tasterWho doesn’t love chocolates? Now imagine having a good amount of salary for being a chocolate consultant and taster. There are several different roles of a chocolate consultant- from working with liaise at their outlets to top notch brands. According to chocolate consultants, what motivated them towards a job of such a nature was frustration towards the unethical and robot like educational system and of course- the love for chocolate.

2. Beer Tasters

beer testerMany breweries hire professional tasters to determine the quality of their beer before it goes into the market for sale. However, anyone interested in this job should have an adept appetite. To your surprise, being a beer taster is quite a popular job. Evan-Evans, a Welsh brewery when started their search for beer tasters prior to introducing their new range of beer, received more than 250 applications.

3. Island Caretaker

caretaker jobThis one was listed as the coolest job in the world in 2009, which was initially advertised as a job which involved assisting the Queensland Tourism Board for running a promotional campaign. The aim of this role was to promote and bring tourism to the Island of Great Continue reading “Top 10 Best Jobs In The World”

10 Best Jobs In America

To have the best job in America, you need to be exceptionally good at science and mathematics. America is the world’s fastest moving country and the hub of technology and innovation. Regardless of the fact that one finds several opportunities in this State to be successful, there are several job roles that pay more extravagantly than other and have a higher growth rate than other occupations.

The following listing of the 10 best jobs in America may require you to be exceptionally qualified, however the payoff is worth the efforts. These jobs start from an average annual salary with a dramatic prospect of double digit growth.

1. Actuary

Annual Salary: $96,700

Actuaries are responsible to analyze uncertainty and risk to determine the financial costs of an organization. This job is suitable for those who have graduated with any of the three majors: financial theory, mathematics, and statistics. Actuaries play a significant role in insurance industries, as provided by BLS. The rate of employment for actuaries has been increased up to 18% in the last 10 years, which is faster than any other related occupation. According to BLS “Actuaries are required to price, evaluate and develop a range of insurance products while calculating costs of emerging risks”

2. Speech-Language Pathologist

Annual Salary: $71,550

Speech-language therapists or pathologists are responsible to diagnose,
asses, prevent and treat swallowing and communication disorders in Continue reading “10 Best Jobs In America”

10 Most Interesting Jobs In The World

All of us dream of having an interesting and prestigious job. There is no better gift in life than having a job that you love. From cool to crazy, the world is filled with opportunities and there are job roles you probably have never heard about before. Below are the 12 most interesting jobs in the world.

1. Disney Character

You may not even need a college degree for this job, however having some dancing or acting experience is an additional benefit to this absolute fun job. Anyone with a natural talent to perform would love this job. To become a Disney character, you may have to pass the auditions that would evaluate your movement, attitude and physical coordination. The average salary of a Disney character starts from $54,000.

2. Brewmaster

For this job, it is important to have a formal training or certificate for attending different programs concerning either the technology or chemistry of brewing. It is one of the most interesting jobs in America, mostly for people who love to drink. On the other hand however, the job does not only involve love for beer, but knowledge of testing, running and developing beer. The job role also involves taste testing at some level. California hires the highest number of brew masters and beer taster.

3. Art Restorer

art restorer jobTo be an art restorer, one needs to have artistic skills or at least the passionate about it. Furthermore, you must have a degree in either fine arts or related arts with a major in restoration, interior or textile etc. Furthermore, one also needs to have knowledge of the cultural significance of different forms of arts. To be involved in small scale restoration programs is an additional benefit. Generally, the job requires being actively involved in Continue reading “10 Most Interesting Jobs In The World”

What Is The Best Job In The World?

Having a busy job does not always mean a “good job”. A good job is the one you love and feel strongly about. We human beings have the ability to adjust with the worst; however at the cost of motivation, loyalty and self-satisfaction. All of us are in search of the indefinable “work and life balance” and strive to hunt a career that does not only make us successful, but happy as well. Where you may believe it is a rare gem to have the best job in the world, there are a few career opportunities you may be missing out on.

1. Wildlife caretaker

Imagine a life in the wild, surrounded by thousands of different species. Wildlife caretakers are responsible for taking care of the cute dolphins, koalas, sea lions, and even the dangerous sharks. Being a wildlife caretaker involves compassion and the knack for adventure. If you are faint hearted, this may not be the best job for you. However for those who love to be around the breathtaking beauty of nature, there is no job better than this. Not only do you get to be a part of the wild, you have the opportunity to learn about the greatest gift of nature: compassion.

2. Bed Tester

bed testerHow many times a day do you imagine falling on bed, dreaming of sleep? May be now you can quit imagining and become a professional bed tester. Yes, being a bed tester is a real job. This is the coolest job in the world that pays you for sleeping. The purpose of this job is to test the comfort level of a bed. However, as everything comes with a price, if you become a professional bed tester, you may have to test 10-20 beds a day with only 20 minutes of sleep on each one of them.

You need to be as lazy and as sleepy as possible to be good at this sleeping job.

3. LEGO Sculptor

best job legoWe all remember building things with the LEGO blocks; just imagine being paid for it. One of the world’s coolest jobs, Lego sculpting is a position offered by LEGO that hires professionals to build and Continue reading “What Is The Best Job In The World?”